Monday, February 22, 2016


Welcome!  After years of 'putting off' doing things on the site, I have finally taken the time to update some of the different pages.  Leldon's Scrollsawing is more than scroll sawing.  Of course we make anything scroll saw related, but did you know that we also made make a multitude of smaller woodworking projects as well?  Look at the Finished pieces and you can see some of the other projects we make!

I am going to be updating the blog (what you see on the homepage of Leldon's Scrollsawing) weekly. We have some huge projects coming up soon, as well as a maker show in Montgomery, Alabama April 30 and May 1.
This is from last years Southern Makers show.  Leldon's Scrollsawing was commissioned by Southern Accents to make the backdrop to the stage area of the show.  The piece was made on the scroll saw and it measured 12' tall by 8' wide.  Each of the 67 counties were cut out individually using MDF as a back, then vintage wood applied to each of them and recut again.  This project took 80 hours to complete.  It was a huge jig saw puzzle essentially!  

Till next time!