Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yellowhammer Forum

Another week is already gone out of this year!  It's crazy how fast the time flies by.

The last week of February I was called to help Southern Accents on a project.   They had received a call to ask if they would be willing to make a set design for Yellowhammer News.  Yellowhammer was hosting (at the time) at least two candidates vying for the Republican nominee for President.  They wanted something that represented Alabama and the news site.  On Monday, February 22, the Southern Accents team and I met to go over what they wanted to do.  Of course the next day it all changed, but with the deadline looming (it had to be to set up on Friday, February 25!) we changed courses and it all worked out great.

My part of the project was cutting out an Alabama that was 5.5 feet tall and the letters and emblem for Yellowhammer News.  I picked up the reclaimed wood from Southern Accents on Tuesday evening, and all the other supplies I would need Wednesday.  I then spent the next 15 hours preparing and cutting out everything.  You can see the pictures from the event below.  Southern Accents provided the wall, chairs, table, and rug for the event.  It looked great and it was a huge hit.  Sheena and I got to attend the event and it was so great hearing the other attendees make comments about how it all looked.

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  1. Absolutely AWESOME, my friend! Some well-earned recognition for you! It was an honor to be asked and I think you did a wonderful job! Congratulations! :D